Aside from my daughter’s dose of milk, I wanted to give her a healthy drink that would be a great match to her favorite snack. I decided to never bring in chocolate drinks as it has loads of sugar. A friend of mine told me to try Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink and it wasn’t a hard job looking for it as it was super available. You could see it overflowing in supermarkets and even available in some sari-sari stores.

Vien started having Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink when she turned 1. She loves it! I served the one in 90ml pack; once daily. I told you on my previous blog that I tend to worry too much especially if it includes my baby’s health and being, but glad to say that Dutch Mill never gave me worries. It never gave my daughter even the slightest cramp. I tasted it myself out of curiosity and was amazed that it was not too sweet; it’s creamy and very flavorful.

It eventually became her favorite drink. If she finds it in the shopping bag or in the refrigerator she would excitedly grab it and ask someone to open it for her. It comes in many flavors like orange, strawberry, blueberry and mixed fruits; she drinks whatever flavor we serve her (hehe). Because it’s Yoghurt, I know and I am quite sure that I am giving my daughter a healthy drink.

Some Interesting Facts:

Dutch Mill is a wholesome drink from fresh cow’s milk and refined with lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus (Which means it is a probiotic drink.. Probiotic are live microorganism that is good for the health) . Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink is cholesterol-free, rich in calcium, iron and protein.

 Mommies, if you are in search of a healthy and flavorful drink for your baby, then Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink is best… J

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